Rev. Roland J. Wells, Jr.
     - Equipping Christians To Build and Lead Cross-Cultural Ministries

  MissionShift Institute (MSI)  (formerly known as the School of Urban Ministry [SUM]) Is a year-long course "Equipping Christians to Build and Lead Cross-Cultural Ministries." Over 500 people have attended MSI since 1995. It meets every Monday night for one school year, 6:30-9:30 at St. Paul’s, and at a satellite site in Brooklyn Center, MN. An independent branch of MSI has been organized in St. Louis, and can be reached at  

Using a variety of experiential teaching styles and experiences, MSI gives students an understanding of cultures, how to effectively cross cultural borders, to be at ease in the city, to build ministries, to understand world religions, to write grant proposals, and gives students a basic understanding of the challenges of the city, like chemical dependency, prostitution, immigration law and more. Students actually create a plan to build a ministry to reach a people group in the city who have not had access to the Gospel. It currently is listed as a course in three Twin City college catalogs, but any adult may take the class. The tuition is very inexpensive.
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  The Urban Cross-Cultural College Consortium (U4C) is a new visionary urban cross-cultural ministry major offered jointly by Concordia University-St. Paul, University of Northwestern, St. Paul and St. Paul’s church. Students take MSI as their intro to the city in their sophomore year. Their junior year is resident in the city, where they live, take all 30+ credits of their major sequence, and serve a 10-hour per week mentored internship. The program began in the fall of ’06.

MSI and U4C were recognized by a 2006 Lausanne Occasional Paper as one of six global models for training the next generation. 

  MissionShift DVD Series This video series was created to wake up the American church to the opportunity and responsibility all around her as the God sends tens of millions of new immigrants into our midst. Right now the Twin Cities have over 700,000 new international immigrants! 

The DVD series was created to wake up the American Church to the opportunity and responsibility all around her as the God sends tens of millions of new immigrants into our midst. Right now the Twin Cities have over 700,000 new international immigrants! Presenters in the series include many local pastors and experts, such as Jin Kim, Efrem Smith, Patricia Fenrick, David Fenrick, John Mayer, Roland Wells and national writer Patty Lane. The video series has been used by hundreds of congregations, training programs, non-profits and colleges.  The Salvation Army in the 10-state Chicago region is using MissionShift to train every new volunteer! 



St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – is a legacy congregation in downtown Minneapolis since 1872. St. Paul’s has a long history of involvement in world missions and secondary education. Its members are spread across a 60-mile-wide circle of the Twin Cities Metro. Ninety years ago it helped found the Lutheran Bible Institute, (LBI) which then created four daughter schools in Teaneck, NJ, Seattle, LA, and Camrose, Alberta, Canada. First generation graduates of LBI in turn created Bethany Fellowship and its worldwide mission, the World Mission Prayer League, the Latin American Lutheran Mission, the Lutheran Colportage Service and the Lutheran Evangelistic Movement. The Lutheran revival created by those young people ran from the 1920’s through the 1970’s. St. Paul's congregation left the ELCA and is affiliated with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ as of January 10, 2010.  Through its various ministries, St. Paul's works in cooperation with nine American Lutheran denominations and several more globally.

Since 1988 Pastor Wells has worked to re-establish St. Paul’s vision and ministry, once again focusing on world missions and education. St. Paul’s is a Training Congregation for Luther Seminary, and has mentored over 65 future evangelical pastors in the Lutheran church. Since 1995 St. Paul’s has developed MissionShift Institute (formerly School of Urban Ministry- SUM), the Urban Cross-Cultural Consortium (U4C) and the MissionShift DVD Series.

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